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My Sweet Girl And A Ball Of Yarn

Once upon a time there was a sweet, sweet little girl.  She was very caring and compassionate and always in tune to the likes and dislikes of others.  It was the Christmas season and her mind was reeling with the perfect gifts for her loved ones.  As she browsed the aisles, her eye spotted the perfect gift for her mama.  You see, her mama loved to knit and was always making things.

a big ball of yarn

The sweet, little girl could hardly wait for Christmas day and to see the look on her mama’s face when she opened her gift.  Christmas gifts were passed out and the sweet, little girl handed hers to her mama with a twinkle in her eye.  As mama opened it, her heart swelled with love as she knew her sweet, little girl put so much thought into this very special gift.

with her baby

Several weeks later, mama asked the little girl, “What should we make with this beautiful yarn?”  “Something special!” was her reply.  Her mama knew this yarn could make a lot of something specials!  “How about a hat and scarf for your doll?” she suggested.  The sweet, little girl’s eyes grew big, a smile appeared, and she said, “Yes!”

baby doll hat and scarf

So mama got to work making the first of many something specials with her new yarn.  Now that sweet, little girl’s baby will stay warm on those chilly days!

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