Will The Adults Make It To Midnight?

That was the question that was on everyone’s mind New Year’s Eve.  But, we did it!  We had such a great time with old friends and new friends! 

So what does a group of mostly thirty somethings do to stay awake in order to usher in the New Year?  Eat, play The Game Of Things, challenge each other to wii sports, play chef chef (see pic), laugh, and talk! 

chef chef

Not only did we stay up but our kids did, too!  As we watched the ball drop on tv in New York City, I became excited for 2010 and the way it is beginning for us.  Even during the night I just relaxed and enjoyed myself and only ended up with the picture above!  It’s a new and good season for me.  Hope your New Year’s celebrations were fabulous, whether you made it to midnight or not!

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