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Kicking Off Valentine’s Week

kid's mailboxes

I love Valentine’s Day.  For me, it gives an excuse to craft!  However, really any excuse will do for me.  I’ve tried to maintain a little tradition with the kids over the years.  We have some kind of mailbox that we put out the week before V Day.  During the week, anyone is free to put notes or other things in the boxes.  It’s a fun way to be creative and make it a point to tell each other what we love and appreciate about each other.  The kids love it and always talk about the mailboxes when they start hearing the rumors of Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t bring those mailboxes to the states with us, so we went searching for something that could do the job.  We stumbled upon these little metal pails at Target.  They were too cute to decorate, so this weekend we made tags to tie to them!  Emma Grace informed me that it was a very good craft to which I said, “Thank you!”

Valentine's mailboxes
knitted hearts

Of course, I’m brimming with little ideas for these little pails.  Some ideas are finished and ready and others are still a work in progress.  Their first piece of mail?  A handmade card telling them everything I love about them, some kisses, and a little knitted heart.  Bear with me the next few days as I post my crafting adventures!  Off I go!

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