Photography 101…Tripods, Monopods, And Understanding Lenses

I actually missed this class when I went to my friend’s funeral but they let me make it up. So even though this was class number 2 in the schedule, it was actually the last class for me. In order to make it up, I had to sit in on a different teacher so some of the info was a repeat for me. Some things, however, that I found interesting…

We learned a bit about understanding lenses. Glass and aperture usually dictates pricing levels. There are 2 types of lenses: a fixed or prime lens which produces very sharp photos and a zoom lens which of course offers a good range.

I’ve decided that I want my next lens to be a Nikon 35 mm prime.  Look at that aperture!  1.8!  Beautiful.  And on my Nikon D40, a photo taken at 35mm provides a normal angle view (for many cameras it’s 50mm).  It’s a $200 lens but that’s much better than the $1000 lens I was salivating over!

On tripods and monopods, there’s a whole range of ones out there. I think they are a good investment. I’m really kicking myself for leaving mine in Africa! The teacher had this one in class, an inexpensive flexible one that seems like it might be worthwhile.

 I think I have chosen an expensive hobby.  Oh, well!  I still love it!

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