Sweater Weather

knitted doll sweater

It seems it’s that time of year where everyone needs a sweater.  Everyone including little babies…at least their little mamas certainly think so! 

doll sweater

I’ve had almost a whole ball of yarn leftover from these projects (one sweet little vest and one very cute neighborly).  It’s been staring me in the face as ideas have come pouring into my brain.  Ideas that sat there until they (or I) were ready to be put to life.


After a sweet Valentine’s lunch with all my loved ones, I decided to tackle a little sweater and see how those brewing ideas came out.  I didn’t stop until it was finished (ok, maybe to eat dinner and put the kids to bed).  Let me tell you, this was so fun!  I knew I wanted some feather and fan action simply because I just love that pattern, but the rest just kind of happened in the moment.  The old ideas were there but new ones came into the picture and I just went with whatever felt right in that moment.

feather and fan

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I’m thinking this little doll needs some pants next!

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