A Great Start To The Week


We had such a fun day yesterday on the first day of Spring Break!  And with kids there is definitely never a dull moment!  It started when Emma Grace singed her hair.  Yes, that’s right.  Let me replay the scene.  I was in the shower when she knocked on the door and wanted to use our bathroom (why is it so hard for a mama to do anything in the bathroom in private, but that’s a topic for another time…)  After quite some time, I smelled something that smelled like burnt hair.  I screamed her name.  Sure enough she was standing on the toilet leaning over to wash her hands in the sink, completely oblivious to the lit candle right. by. her. hair.  Luckily, her beautiful hair was fine and just needed a washing to get rid of the smell.  Whew!

the culprit of the singed hair

The kids were treated to a new wardrobe.  A quick change in the car and Joshua was a new man!  He knew he was looking pretty cool and even willingly posed for several shots!  Doesn’t he look so handsome?

acting crazy
bouncing ball
bouncing the ball

And while Emma G usually does not have any problem acting sassy, she was not interested in posing for the camera.  So I snuck in a few shots when she wasn’t expecting it!  Such a silly little girl!

please no photos!
bouncing the ball

We ended the day with a tasty dinner and the kids spending the night with the grandparents at their hotel!  What a great start to Spring Break!

hub caps
do you recognize this restaurant?  it’s so very yummy!

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