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I’ve Become A Chart Person

chore charts

Maybe it’s what home schooling does to you.  I don’t know, but in an effort to bring some incentive as well as some structure, it was necessary.  We started out with chore charts for the kids.  Just something simple that they can do that helps around the house, even in a small way.  So far I only have 3 chores that we rotate:  taking out the recycles, emptying the bathroom trash, and helping with lunch.  Those simple things don’t take long, but they do offer some help around the house.  And more importantly, they are learning the value of helping with something.  I chose to make a chart that would offer some flexibility.  I wrote the kid’s names and days of the week on a piece of card stock.  Then I covered it with contact paper.  Each week I write the kid’s chores with a dry erase marker (note: will not come off completely when you erase).  When they’ve completed their chore, they can put a magnetic star underneath (which I also made).  So far it has worked well.  They fight over taking out the recycles.  I say if they are fighting over a chore, then that’s success in my book!

copywork chart

I also made a copy work chart for Joshua.  Copy work is his least favorite thing to do, to say the least.  The first day it took him 2 hours to copy 4 lines.  Now I’m all about kids going at their own pace, but I knew he could do it faster.  He just needed some incentive.  So I started setting an alarm.  If he gets his copy work done before it goes off, then he gets a star.  If he has 90% at the end of the month, he gets to draw for a prize.  Amazingly, he’s gone from 2 hours to 30 minutes!

emma g's magnet

I’ve gone a little crazy with all this contact paper!  We’ve made lots of magnets (covered in contact paper) to hold up the kid’s beautiful artwork.  Aren’t they fabulous!?


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