My Weekend And A Camera Lens

Well, I had a great weekend!  It was great to take a little break.  I think I needed to do it just to know it was ok to skip posting a few days.  Isn’t that silly?  I put these expectations on myself.  I have a feeling that this season I will be learning to let go of a lot of that.  Praise God!

I had a lovely Saturday brunch with some wonderful girl friends (without bringing my camera along because I didn’t want to think how I could make it into a blog post!), then a Saturday bbq with more friends because the weather was that nice, did some baking, welcomed our new living room furniture that someone graciously gave us (I promise pictures will be coming soon!), and…played with my new camera lens!

Yup!  That’s right!  I got a new lens.  I had some money saved up and I decided to use it.  And I got that 35 mm I’ve been looking at.  And I love it.  I used to think, “Why would you buy a fixed lens?  It seems so limited.”  That was the talk of someone who didn’t know what they were talking about.  The photos from a prime lens come out so crisp and clear.  It’s amazing!  I love that the aperture goes from 1.8 to 22!  I’ve had so much fun playing with it this weekend.  And I know I’ll have even more fun photographing that baby who still hasn’t arrived.  Come on baby Vicknair!

Here’s some randomness that came out of that lens…
my newspaper basket
lego man
crazy love
playing guitar
boy, smile

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