Photography 101…Wrapping It Up

After 6 classes, I can honestly say I am so glad I took this course!  I’ve shared bits of my new knowledge and hope it has also helped all of you!  I would say, though, if you are thinking at all about taking a class, DO IT!  You’ll be glad you did!  A few things I didn’t share that I love.

Photography means drawing with light.  Isn’t that cool!?  I’ve never considered myself a painter or someone who could draw, but with light…well, I think I can do that!

Another thing that I love that helps me to take better photos is to think about what story I want to tell with the photo.  What do I want to focus on that will capture the moment?  It will change the way you take photos!

these 2 make an excellent story!

I’ve also been looking at a macro filter.  Does anyone out there use one of these?  It’s a much cheaper alternative to the wide angle 12-24mm zoom lens I was drooling over!  I’ve heard you get what you pay for, but a good macro filter would probably run about $30.  Seems like a decent price to me.

Well, that concludes Photography 101.  I hope you have learned something new or at least been inspired to try some new things with your camera.  It’s so fun and the possibilities are endless!

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