The Womb…

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Wow! Thanks for all your sweet comments yesterday! You all made me feel so loved!  Well, I have more knitting posts coming up this week, but today I pause from that creativity to talk about something else.  I was reading in The Voice Of Psalms the other day when something stood out to me.  You know how you read something and whether it’s where you’re at in that moment, something you’re going through, or just plain seeing something with new eyes, it stands out?  So that’s what happened when I read Psalm 33:6.  This version read, “His Word is the womb of all creation.”  I just thought that was the coolest.  God’s Word is where it all begins, where it all starts, where it is breathed into existence.  I don’t want to dissect it too much because I think there’s a cool simplicity that comes from just the way it sounds.

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