Glad It’s Friday!

vintage fabrics
stack of fabrics

Coming to you a little late today, but I sure am glad it’s Friday!  I thoroughly enjoyed a day to myself yesterday and then came home in time to finish up last minute items on our taxes to file them in the nick of time!  And today just seemed to breeze by without me getting to this space until now.  It was a busy day but not entirely exhausting.  Home schooling in the morning, coffee with a friend after lunch, visited a tag sale (by the way, we got a free grill last week at a tag sale!), had sweet family time, cleaned some house, and washed some vintage linens I inherited!  I’m hoping these linens are going to work their way into my sewing machine this weekend and turn into something lovely!  I’m going to take the weekend off, but I’ll see you back here on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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