Our Routine :: How It’s Working For Us

After several months back here in the states, I think we’ve finally stepped into a routine that suits both of us.  It was tricky at first.  With the intention of taking a sabbatical and taking time to rest but also stepping into the world of home schooling, I personally really had to figure out how I could be busy with home schooling but still rest.

So this is how we’ve settled into this season…

I’m home schooling 4 days of the week.  On Tuesdays, I get out by myself for the whole day!  It’s not a day to run errands but rather grab a coffee with a friend, eat lunch out, sit at a bookstore and read, or sit and knit.  The point is to do something that is fun to me where I will come back refreshed.  (Running errands is not usually refreshing to me so that’s why it’s off the list!)  Jeremy also gets one of these days a week.

sitting outside
on a home schooling break

Jeremy has taken over keeping up with our finances as well as cooking dinner.  While I usually enjoy cooking, we decided it best to spread out responsibilities.  Jeremy is great in the kitchen (a little messier than me but some things you just have to compromise).  While dinner is being prepared, I take the time to walk a mile around our neighborhood.  Just me and my iPod usually set to Hillsong.  It’s 20 minutes of pure bliss!

i’m blessed to have a husband who can cook…pasta with chicken sausage on a bed of spinach

Wednesday nights we get a little date night while the kids go to kid’s church.  They love going so it’s a great time for us do something just the two of us without having to find a babysitter.

I’m also doing a night of knitting with some great friends, a designated family night where we rotate what we get to do, and we’re starting to plan that vacation!  Jeremy and I are also planning a little getaway in the midst of everything.  Things are going great.  It’s especially been great to be able to find what is refreshing to me and how I can experience rest…even while being a mother to young kids!

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