Pondering The Simple Life

I mentioned it yesterday as I talked about our home school outing, but we just finished reading Little House In The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I think I loved it more than my kids!  I mean the simplicity of their life.  You know, simplicity is kind of an ongoing thing for me right now.


As many of you know, I love handmade goodies.  I love the thought, time, and love that goes into making something with your hands, not to mention the satisfaction.  In the book, Ma made everything!  Knits, clothes, cheese, straw hats, I mean everything.  And Pa grew veggies, hunted for food, gathered honey.  That kind of life just fascinates me.  I mean it must bring so much satisfaction knowing how to make so many things from scratch. 


The part about Christmas was a great topic with the kids.  In the book, each kid received a knitted pair of mittens and a peppermint stick.  Laura got an extra gift of a handmade doll, and they were all thrilled.  They savored their peppermint sticks, making them last for a while.  I loved talking about this with the kids, who devour candy within 3 seconds of receiving any.  To be so grateful about what you receive, no matter how small it may seem. 


The end of the book kind of threw me for a loop when Pa had a machine come out to harvest his grain.  He said it was a great invention and made his work go so much faster.  I love simplicity, but it’s also nice to have so many options around me for those times when life just gets a little busy.

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