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Ramblings And A Giveaway Winner

I imagine had quite a workout last night!  I read that the final count of giveaway hosts was well over 400!  That’s amazing.  And I will confess that I entered A LOT of those!   I’m a little crazy and my brain is still spinning.  I just love giveaways and I especially love it when I win something!  Without further ado the winner of the Handmade Texas Giveaway is…

random # generator

The Herd said…

How cute!! I would love to be entered, of course!!

I so enjoyed this giveaway.  I visited some great blogs and met some great crafters!  And I was so overwhelmed that this generated 151 comments!  I think that’s more than the combined total of all my other posts! 

So I titled this post Ramblings And A Giveaway Winner so excuse me while I ramble.  I try not to do this too often, but I’m in the mood.  One thing I love about blogging is connections that happen, sometimes in the most random ways.  I had one person enter my giveaway and mention that the Ten Thousand Homes T-shirt Emma Grace was wearing in my Field Trip post, intrigued her because she had just found TTH on the internet!  Now isn’t that something?  What a cool connecting point! 

Deep from the heart of Texas, thanks for entering my giveaway y’all!  Feel free to come back anytime!

happy in the bluebonnets

Until tomorrow, I’m crossing my fingers that perhaps the number generator will randomly pick me to win something!

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