This is not a paid review but simply some thoughts on a recent read.

You know how you go through different seasons in life?  Well, I’m in a reading season.  I used to read a lot, but somewhere along the way, I slowed down.  Maybe kids, maybe busyness.  I don’t know, but reading became infrequent.  It’s been so nice and refreshing to occasionally slow down with a book in my face.
I just finished reading Deadlock by James Scott Bell.  It seems there’s always a nugget I can find in every book I read.  Something that I can apply or that speaks to me in some way.  That nugget came on page 279…“You look back, and you see what God’s pattern was.”  That’s something I truly believe and have frequently told others.  God’s hand isn’t always felt or seen in the moment, but almost always, as you look back, you can’t deny His workings.  
Another thing I loved about this book is seeing God’s relentless pursuit of us.  He longs to be in relationship with us, and it was very evident with several characters in this book.  Deadlock proved to be a great, easy read.

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