Views From Our Trip…Any Guesses?

We’ve returned!  I’ve put together a little rhyme so you can guess where we just returned from!  You might even find your answer in some of the pics!
rideau canal
In a land not too far away,
Where every sentence ends with, “Eh.”
govt. building ottawa
Tim Horton’s isn’t just a name
But a place to get coffee just the same.
eternal flame
Loonies and Toonies aren’t just cartoons that make you giggle
But forms of currency that, when lacking, can make you wiggle.
black squirrel
Evergreens aren’t just for Christmas days
But, even in the warm season, dot the highways.
French is heard just enough to know
That you’ve left your home country below.
The colors, red and white, are proudly displayed
Any guesses on where we stayed?
the view
The answer and more pics coming soon!

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