Ahh, the weekend.  We got back from our trip on Thursday.  It’s so quiet around here these days.  The kids are with their grandparents about 4 hours away.  Joshua is doing summer school with Jeremy’s mom (she’s a teacher) while Emma Grace hangs out with her Pops.  Thankfully, they are having a great time, but I must say it is very weird to not have them around right now!  This weekending edition might seem a little anti-climatic without 2 sweeties around to entertain!

Watched Work of Art on Hulu…see my little plug here.  Oh, and if you watch this, just keep in mind that some artists like to push the envelope a bit!
 photo taken from here
Watched the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.   Amazing to think this is the first World Cup held on African soil.  
Sent the kids a care package.
care package
Went on the cheapest date ever.  Saw Killers for $3.25 each, free burritos at Freebirds, and our most expensive item…yogurt from Yumilicious.  So, so good.  My favorite is avocado tart!
Watched our very last episode of 24 (we were a little behind so we watched it on Hulu).  The past 9 years we have followed Jack Bauer diligently…his brushes with death, saving the world, and all his other crazy action adventures.  Now we have to say goodbye…
Lots of coffee shop reading (currently reading Deadlock…)
And what would a weekend be without some knitting. 🙂
diaper cover
Now you might be thinking, “Yes, it was an anti-climatic weekend and lots of sitting in front of the tube.”  Well, yes lots of that actually.  But we did make it to the lake Sunday afternoon and roasted like marshmellows in the almost 100 degree weather.  I will say, though, those hot summer days make beautiful summer nights as the temps cool and the sun turns into a bright glowing ball that offers an amazing setting for a perfect end to a weekend. 
(I traveled light this weekend, so not many pics among all my text!  But tune in tomorrow for more pics from our trip!)

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