4th Of July Fun

fireworks 2

I like fireworks.  Like really, really like them.  Maybe it has to do with it being a fond childhood memory.  My dad was on the local fire department growing up, so the 4th was spent at the ball fields all day.  Yes, all day.  It was hot and sticky but so fun!  Picnics, games, hanging with friends, and a beautiful display of fireworks set off by the fire department.  It was something that I looked forward to every year.

in the pool
sitting by the pool

The last time we were in the states for the 4th was, I believe, in 2006.  But that has never stopped us from celebrating in Africa.  It may be winter, and we may be huddled around a fire with beanies on, but we still grill on the BBQ, buy American Spirit Fireworks at the local craft store, and create memories!

playing with sparklers


This year I was so excited to actually be here in the states to celebrate (although I did think of our friends in SA).  We had a lovely time with our friends here in TX and even got to see an awesome fireworks display!  After reading this post, I was inspired to use what I’ve learned from my photography classes to take some fireworks shots!  Even if I had a certain sarcastic Spurgin sitting next to me!


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