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A Date With DART

looking at art

Tuesday was a fun-filled, busy day!  We had a date with DART.  You know, Dallas Area Rapid Transit.  DART can be very sweet and accommodating given the right circumstances.  Well, a family day to the Dallas Museum of Art is definitely the right circumstance!  First Tuesdays at the museum is free admission and chalked full of events for the kids!

fun at the museum
checking out the art
map of africa

The only downside to free admission is that there are LOTS of people!  You know how museums are usually quiet and anything above a whisper sounds like shouting?  Well, on Tuesday you could hardly hear yourself think to all the excitement coming from kids everywhere.  My little girl loved it.  My boy was a bit overwhelmed.  (I’m looking forward to going back during the school year hoping it will be less crowded!)

creating a castle travel poster

travel poster

So while the men walked around the museum, the girls made a travel poster (to a castle, no less), got a tattoo, and made a travel postcard.  After a picnic lunch outside, I told Jeremy he should go check out the museum while I took the kids on the scavenger hunt. 

heart sandwich
it was emma g’s idea to cut hearts in the sandwiches

After the hunt, Joshua showed us his favorite piece in the museum, the knight helmet.  As we wandered back downstairs, I noticed it was considerably quieter and less crowded, so we found a comfy spot at the supply table and began creating.  Everyone loved it!  Raffia, masking tape in all sorts of colors, black and gold pipe cleaners, bits of canvas and fabric, shells, gold paper, and a hole punch all litter this area, but no scissors or glue.  It’s so fun to find ways to be creative with only these objects!

contemplating her masterpiece

You would think after 5 hours at the museum that it would be time to call it a day.  Nope.  After all that fun, we had to make one more stop for the lego lover in our family.  Luckily DART provided a complimentary shuttle to get us to our destination, The Lego Store!  You just can’t pass up free legos, so we had to include the make and take in our outing. 

watermelon lego
eating the watermelon

After almost 12 hours out, we finally arrived at home pooped.  But it was that kind of tired where you crawl into bed, smile, and fall asleep before your head touches the pillow.  Bliss…

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