Hairdresser House Call

my cut

The day we left I ended up getting my hair cut.  I feel like I just got it cut, but I guess it’s been 2 months and it needed to be trimmed again.  The story is a bit interesting.  Worthy of a blog post, I guess.  And it gives me another one to schedule for while I am gone!


Anyway, I call myself the deal finder in this family, but my husband gets all the credit for this one!  My haircut dilemma is always where to go, so he was searching online and discovered that Toni & Guy does a model night on Tuesdays (call your nearest salon for details).  I went in for the consultation.  Unfortunately my hair was already too short for the cuts she needed to do.  So she offered to come to my house and cut my hair…for a fraction of the cost!


I was really happy with my cut.  These pictures are the best I can do taking them on my own.  We were all busy trying to get out the door so a photo shoot for my new do wasn’t top priority. 🙂  I’m so happy to have a fresh cut for our trip! 

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