Painted Jars :: Project #5

painted jars

You might have already read about my love of jars.  Oh, yes, I do love them.  And now I have a nice little jar collection.  A friend sent me a link for a project involving jars, mod podge, and food coloring.  I was more than a little intrigued!

jar project

So one afternoon, when it was just myself and the littlest miss in the house, I gathered all the supplies for this little project.  See that little hand that made its way into the picture!

painting jars

painting a yellow one

We had a blast painting these.  I let Emma G choose the colors for her jars.  I think her yellow and pink actually turned out the best.  No lie.  They really are my favorites.

jar candle holders

So far these have decorated our kitchen table as tea light candle holders.  Makes for a lovely dinner ambiance.  They serve a dual purpose as a vase.  I love the bouquet of flowers against our newly refinished desk!

jar of flowers

I see many more uses for these jars.  Button containers, knitting needle holder, and outdoor lighting.  So glad I have more jars to paint!

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