Reading…Try Darkness & Try Fear

This is not a paid review but simply some thoughts on some recent reads.

Try Darkness     Try Fear
I decided to lump these two books into one post.  These are the sequels to Try Dying.  You might remember that review I wrote recently.  I liked these much better than Try Dying.  Maybe it was because the characters were already developed, but they were great!  The nugget of thought I got from Try Darkness was the question, “What do you yearn for?”  It’s a great question to ponder and one not easily answered.

In Try Fear, I chuckled when I read, “My grandmother always said, ‘Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.'”  Yes, ’tis true.  That could prove dangerous!  I think what I like most about series books is you feel like you get to know the characters a little more, and by the end, you’re hoping the best for them!  Hope you’re finding some great reads, too!  

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