A Refinished Desk :: Project #1

This is going to be a week of showcasing finished projects that have transpired over the last couple of weeks in the Price household.  A whole WEEK of projects might seem a little contradictory to someone who is learning to be.  The beautiful thing, though, about these projects is that I think you will see just a little bit of family weaved into every one of them.  From helping hands to crafting together to style advice.  Such a beautiful thing, really.

old desk

My first project to showcase is an old desk that we found on the side of the road.  We used to do this all the time when we lived in the Northeast…pick up furniture on the side of the road, take it home, and fix it up.  I loved those days.  I didn’t think there was much of that here, but this is our second great find here in Texas!

after the primer

The desk was in pretty good shape.  It really just needed a paint job and new drawer pulls.  So how does family fit into this little project?  We painted it all together.  It was messy, but oh, so fun!  And while we tried to show Emma G the “proper” way to paint so the brush strokes were uniform, her response was always, “But I don’t paint like that!”  That girl has a mind of her own, I tell you.


I didn’t get many photos of the process, because the kids skimped down to their undies for this job.  I did manage to capture the lovely snack palate Emma G so graciously prepared for us beforehand.  This was all her idea.  She has a gift of hospitality, this girl.  This was in addition to the banana bread Joshua and I prepared as the halftime snack.

finished desk

in a little corner

drawer pull

I found the pulls at Hobby Lobby and was fortunate to catch the 50% off sale on these porcelain babies.  I asked the big, little boy of the family to install them to which he did an excellent job.  I think the project turned out quite well considering it only cost a whopping total of about $15 but more importantly because it was a Price family effort.

For anyone interested, I used the following supplies…primer leftover from our chalkboard project, a quart of glidden paint in vintage yellow satin, porcelain pulls for $1.50 each (on sale), and of course paint brushes!

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