Camping At The Grand Canyon

driving down the road

This was the first time we’ve gone camping as a family. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner! It was lots of fun and the kids loved it. On the drive to the camp site, I got a little worried when I saw snow on the ground. Yes, snow. In July. However, the weather at the campground was amazing with warm days and cool evenings. And we didn’t even get rained on. It was lovely.

beautiful smile

pumping the water

It was quite funny to see my little diva camping. She did great but not without her comments. We camped at Ten X Campground (wonderful, by the way, with very friendly staff). There were no shower facilities, and our closest bathroom was a port-a-potty. The first time we walked into it, she turned up her nose. I told her that this was our bathroom for the next couple of days. Her response, “Well, this is part of camping!” That was her response on more than one occasion. 🙂

stoking the fire

Joshua absolutely loved it. He loved being out in the woods. His favorite part was stoking the fire (and yes, there are necessary clothing items needed for stoking a fire…smile)  and hiking. This is his excited to be camping face.

happy to be camping

My favorite part was waking up one morning to the sound of my boys outside by the fire just chatting about nothing in particular. Oh, and also my little princess being her hospitable self by making everything nice. Setting the table, picking flowers for me and for the table centerpiece.

setting the table

my flowers
picking flowers

It was such great family time as we explored nature, played cards each night, and just spent time together.

around the table

sweet looks
playing go fish
camping fun

ten x nature trail

My tired body never got up early enough to witness the sunrise but the sunset was equally beautiful, I must say.

I see more camping adventures in our future!

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