My Catch The Wave Afghan

afghan over the rocker

It’s a crazy person who decides to finish an afghan in 100 degree heat.  It’s that same crazy person who decides to pass the time on a long car ride by knitting said afghan through the Mojave Desert.  I am that crazy person!  I brought it along on our vacation because I knew it would be fun to work on in the mountains in New Mexico.  I was right, not crazy.  It kept my legs warm in the cooler weather while I knitted away.  However, I was not a good planner.  I ran out of one color, stopping all progress.  I could have finished it there and had the satisfaction of a completed project that was started over 4 months ago, but I had to put it away.

 afghan in progress

We returned home to unbearable-to-be-outside-100+ degree-heat.  But me, being the task completer that I am, couldn’t bear to let it go unfinished much longer.  Not when I was so close to finishing, so I did it.  I finished it.  Who completes an afghan in the summertime?  Crazy, I tell you.  The bright side is that I have a wonderful new afghan when fall arrives (hard to think of that in the midst of this sweltering heat).

afghan detail

I really, really love this pattern, Catch The Wave.  It was simple enough to memorize but not so simple that I got bored with it.  As I run my fingers over it, I love the texture and softness that I feel.  We have a few afghans that we have inherited from past generations, evidence of lots of use and love seeping out of the worn blankets.  As I look at my newly completed one, I wonder, “Will my grand kids someday have this draped over their couch?”   It’s a question that makes me smile.

cozy and smiling

Knitting an afghan was on my “bucket list” of knitting.  I’m not eager to start another one in the near future.  Although, that would make more sense seeing as how fall and winter are the next seasons to come.  I do have dreams of making one for each of my kids.  Just maybe when I’m not driving through the desert or sweating in 100 degree heat! 

afghan over the couch

(For those interested, I used Homespun in cream, apple green, and barley.) 

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