Whole Wheat Pasta

homemade pasta

On my birthday post, I mentioned that we made homemade pasta. I have, on loan from my brother-in-law, a pasta maker.  I thought, “Perfect.  We’ll just put the dough in, and it will crank out perfect, beautiful noodles.”  Not exactly.  I didn’t have any instructions and there’s none to be had online.  I couldn’t get it to crank the noodles out.  It caused us to resort to rolling out the dough and cutting it.  This wouldn’t have been so difficult if I had a rolling pin.  Emma G graciously lent us her play one.  It took a while and the pasta was a little thick (it grows as it boils).  I haven’t given up on making homemade pasta.  Wheat pasta is so expensive in the store and doesn’t cost that much to make.  And, for those interested, we used Sugarlaws whole wheat pasta recipe.

dinner with pasta

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