10 Things + 1

I haven’t done a “10 things” in a while.  I suppose it’s because there’s been a million little things on my mind.  However, I’ve recently found my mind drifting to the random, recent things that have been a very welcomed part of my day.  Maybe it’s something that brings a smile to my face, maybe relieves some tension, or maybe it’s just finding joy in the little things.  My 10 things…

surprising my kids with a home baked, after school snack…

banana bread makes me happy!

preserving, canning, and stocking my shelves

canning goods

and the clicking sound that lets me know my jars have sealed!  


signs that a new season is coming soon

fall leaf

kashi frozen pizzas when you just need a frozen pizza

kashi pizza

that my daughter now knows what a rhombus is… 

sweet look

making dinner with my husband…

stuffed red peppers

sweet little painted faces…

getting her face painted

boys and bugs!

boys and bugs

summer strolls and barefoot toes!

summer strolls and barefoot toes

and the plus one…my giveaway which ends tonight…snag an entry here!

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