The Art of Balance


It seems that so many of us are always trying to achieve balance in our lives.  It’s an ongoing process.  I don’t believe it’s unattainable, but just as a pair of scales teeter back and forth when 2 objects are placed on them, so our lives teeter back and forth as we balance the many things that flow in and out. 

I believe there’s an art to achieving balance in our lives.  First and foremost, we can’t get frustrated when it feels like balance is unattainable.  It is attainable but with new things constantly coming up in our lives, it’s no wonder that the scale is constantly teetering. 


I feel like I’m always asking myself questions like, “How much rest time do I take?  How much of myself do I give to the people I’m ministering to?  When is it ok to take ‘me’ time?”  When questions like this come up, I test it against my priorities and personal values.  When things are flowing the way they should, my priorities look like this…God, family, others.  It’s amazing, in ministry, how quickly those can get flipped!  My personal values also play a huge part in achieving balance in my life.  The things that are important to me must not be compromised or a sort of suffocation will start to slowly occur.

How do you find the aspect of achieving balance in your life?  Do you have any testers to see if the scales are where they should be?  If you are looking for balance in your life, I would encourage you to first start with your priorities and values.  If you’re not sure what these are for you, then start by taking the time to really ponder what they are and write them down.  We all know when things are off balance and in need of adjustments.  Instincts do a good job of telling us that.  When we can adjust and get back on track, it’s not only beneficial for us but for those around us. 

I received a link from a friend for a post on Practicing Soul Care recently.  It’s a fabulous post and fits right in with The Art of Balance.

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