The Back To School Grind

Well, I am happy to report that the first week and a half of school has gone incredibly well.  Emma G is happy to be labeled a scholar but thinks that the boy telling her she’s cute is “weird.”  She’s declared that “kindergarten is so fun!”  Joshua is great about waking up in the morning and getting his homework done in the afternoon.  He really likes his teacher, who just happens to be a man that drives a corvette.  What boy wouldn’t think that’s cool?

walk home from school

With our school routine changing up a bit, it’s also caused us to re-evaluate and tweak other areas of our day-to-day.  I’ve never been someone who loved getting up early in the morning, but our new schooling adventure has forced me to wake while it’s dark, and I rather like it.  Sitting in a quiet house with my coffee and my Bible has been the perfect start to my day.

After I walk the kids to their school, Jeremy and I enjoy a 3+ mile walk.  Besides the benefit of exercise, it’s a perfect time for us to process what God is speaking to us.  This time with my love is definitely a highlight to my day!  I’ve dedicated the rest of my mornings for various things…writing, grocery shopping, processing, time with Jesus, or coffee with friends.

reading time

2:30 rolls around and the kids arrive home for the day.  We sit down for an afternoon snack.  My goal is to bake a special snack at least once a week and then slip some of it into their Friday lunch for a special treat!  We get any homework finished before they go off to play with their friends in the neighborhood.  

Jeremy is still doing the bulk of the cooking but I’m now planning the menu for the week.  I’m actually enjoying being back in the kitchen more.  I was so worried there for a while when I didn’t even want to do something I liked!

writing practice

In our family, we frequently go through different seasons.  I have learned to be flexible and to remember that these different seasons require an adjusting of schedule and routine to accommodate the needs of our family.  Until the next season, I will enjoy every aspect of this one!

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