I’m Proud Of…

You know those moments where your heart just swells with pride?  I’ve had several of those lately.  Enough to share with you here in a post!

joshua saying, “thank you!  i wish i could 
say that a million times but thank you!”
when i surprised the kids with a batch of freshly baked cookies
choc chip cookies

my little girl, without being asked, getting a
glass of orange juice for her sick daddy
emma grace getting scholar of the week in her class!
scholar of the week

joshua getting a brag at cat’s meow for being 1 of 3
kids in his grade who made a 100 on 2 tests!
a 100!

my baby girl being so brave when she got 3 cavities filled,
not a proud mommy moment, though. 3 cavities!
hearing joshua read,
sitting and reading with him is really one of my favorite times of the day

hearing emma g teach a friend how to knit with the loom

and finally, emma g being asked to participate in a local art contest
she’s one of four being picked!  see my post, fruits of my labor?
Have you had any proud moments lately?  Please share so we can all be proud of our kids together!

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