Some Awards…

So I’ve recently received a few blogger awards.  Sometimes it takes a lot of energy for me to come up with the fun things that come along with these awards.  But I do think it’s fun to be able to highlight the great bloggers that have so nicely given me an award.  So here goes…

sugar doll award

Maria of Personalized Sketches and Sentiments gave me the Sugar Doll award.  The name reminds me of my grandpa calling me sugar when I was little!  Maria is an amazing artist, drawing pictures using names!  She currently has a giveaway going on.  You should check it out!


Arielle of Arielle’s Journey to Health and Fitness gave me the Happy 101 award!  I’ve known Arielle since she was a young girl.  It’s fun to now re-connect with her through the blogger world!  One of the many reasons I love blogging.


Jocelyn of Always Spread Love gave me the Cherry on Top Award.  Jocelyn has a special place in my heart because she was in the training school I led last year in Africa.  She is super creative.  One of my favorites…her Target dress!

So there are different rules for these awards…7 things about myself, 10 things I like, 3 interesting things about myself.  In order to not fry my brain (and make this super long), I’m going to combine all of the above into one list.  Here’s to getting to know me a little better!

i love to travel and there’s really not a place i wouldn’t like to visit!
i’ve just recently realized one of my pet peeves is when i tell a telemarketer no and their voice goes from super chipper to a sunken, deflated sound of defeat.
i could live off of fresh, hot, homemade bread.  it’s seriously my area of weakness!
my preferred source of exercise is biking (although i haven’t been able to do it much) and my least favorite is running.

1950s bike

i have a hard time sitting still which is just one of many reasons this sabbatical is so good for me!

i used to be a huge list maker but somewhere along the way got away from that.  i’ve recently re-instituted making lists.  it has taken away so much stress from my day!


someday i would like to write a book.  what it would be about is still in the works!

earth personality

Instead of tagging/awarding people, I thought I would leave you with a fun quiz to do. What’s Your Color Personality? from Real Simple.  I guess I’m an earth personality.  Not surprising since I like to wear earth tones.  What’s yours?

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