We had a great anniversary weekend!  Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes!  The kids spent the night with friends.  It was actually Miss Emma’s first time to spend the night with a friend without her brother.  She did great and had a blast!

we decided not to give each other an anniversary gift this year
but my husband says flower are a must!  everyone together…ahhh…

anniversary flowers

we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at brio
and the free bruschetta appetizer was amazing

sunday afternoon…
i got a little further on emma g’s birthday gift
bday knitting

and i finished think of a number
it felt like i was reading a law and order episode!

think of a number
Don’t forget to vote for your favorite African animal photo over in the sidebar, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!  I have a bit of a series rolling around in my head so I’m hoping I can get it out and adequately convey what’s in there!

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