Faithful by Kim Cash Tate


I just finished reading Faithful by Kim Cash Tate.  Faithful is about three friends who are each faced with different challenges and are faced with decisions regarding faithfulness.  Dana is in what appears to be a perfect marriage, married to a Christian guy with two children completing their family.  Her world falls apart when she discovers his affair with another woman in their church.  Understandably, she is devastated and doesn’t know if she has the strength to repair her marriage after this discovery.  Phyllis is married to a man who adores her yet is missing one important link to make Phyllis feel like they are truly one, and that is, a love for Jesus.  She finds herself longing for a friendship with a Christian man from her past.  Cyd is 40 and not married.  When she meets a guy that makes her heart flutter but appears by everyone’s standards to be the wrong one for her, she must follow her heart and God to know what she should do.

I think this is a good story of faithfulness.  We’re all different and experience the tests of faithfulness in different ways.  Although I think the book is well written, if I may be honest, it didn’t grab me.  Maybe it’s because I couldn’t put my shoes in any of the character’s shoes.  Don’t get me wrong.  As a spouse, I must be faithful, but I haven’t experienced the temptation to not be like the characters in the book.  Perhaps this book would have more impact if read by a marriage study group, or something like that, where various discussions would come about.  There is a reading group guide in the back.  The one thing that I can take away from this book is the importance and vitality of having friends in your life that love you, stand by you, and help you through even the toughest times.   We all need that!  Bottom line, though, I would give Faithful 3 out of 5 stars. 

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