joshua got awarded for A honor roll AND the principal’s club!
only one student is chosen per grade and he got it for 3rd!
little miss was recognized for being a leader in her class.  proud of my kids!

j's awards!

how can a saturday not be perfect when it starts out with pancakes?

pancake bite

i made some progress on my handmade christmas list,
slowly things are being checked off…


i received 3 little pumpkins not too long ago,
so i boiled them to preserve for the upcoming holidays!


we finally got the ear re-pierced!  the poor girl, 
we went back once but they were out of those earrings.
went back again, earring had to be out for 24 hours 
(really wish the first lady would have told me that when i specifically asked!)
this time took 40 minutes of coaxing before she would let the lady pierce it!

bravery cert.

we celebrated angelina’s birthday,
i thought we had done this already this year, 
but that party was for a different stuffed animal!

i made some pom poms for a special upcoming costume,
can’t wait to show you when it’s done!

pom poms

and joshua and i played some wii bowling…
he beat me…
wii bowling

i love taking you on this visual journey through my weekend!  hope yours was fabulous!

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