Camping Trip


This weekend we went camping!  This was a Cub Scout camping trip so there were lots of people, lots of activities, and lots of fun to be had!

making his bandhammering

The boys participated in leather craft by stamping designs on leather bands (I’m trying not to call it a bracelet).  It totally brought back memories of when my little brother was in Cub Scouts!  One summer the scouts had a day camp.  My friend and I volunteered to help out.  Although I don’t remember all that we did during those 5 days, I do remember the leather craft!  So fun!  I didn’t get a picture of Joshua’s excellent design because I thought I would wait until after they stained and cured them.  Well, they didn’t get to that part, so the boys will get them in a couple of weeks.  I assure you, though, he did a great job!

posing all serious
gathering targets
his target

After leather craft, they practiced their aim at the BB gun range.  Joshua had never shot a BB gun before, but he did pretty good making a few marks on his target!

playing cards

Little Miss slept through the leather craft (even though they were banging those mallets right outside our tent) and wasn’t interested in shooting BB’s, but she still had lots of fun.  We were in East Texas among the pines, so we collected pine cones for an upcoming craft.  We also played a round of Go Fish where she beat me fair and square.

tree bark
red leaf

I had fun doing my usual “walk around nature with my camera” thing.  There’s so much beauty to capture, but a camera just doesn’t usually do it justice.

roasted mallows over the fire

On the last day, the scouts shared their thorn (what they didn’t like), rose (what they did like), and bud (what could be improved).  It did not surprise me that Joshua’s rose was roasting marshmallows!

flag ceremony
joshua’s den did the flag ceremony on the last day

With our second family camping trip of the year under our belts, I think we are now officially a family who camps!  I love the peace and quiet, the de-plugging that it forces, the family time, and the closeness to nature.  I think it’s high time we start adding camping supplies to our collection and make this a very regular part of our lives.

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