A Musical, A Carnival, And A Festival…

hannah & emma g
joshua’s excitement before the play started

The past few days have been buzzing with activity which I don’t mind as long as there is a calm after the storm.  I think today will be just that!  Friday we took the kids out of school early and made a quick trip to hear their Pops sing in a musical!  By quick I mean we drove 4 hours there, ate dinner, went to the musical, and drove 4 hours home.

oliver and mr. bumble

The quick trip was worth it to hear my father-in-law sing the part of Mr. Bumble in Oliver.  Even though Mr. Bumble is not the nicest man, the kids still enjoyed hearing their Pops sing!

standing with pops

We would have stayed the whole weekend, but Saturday we had back-to-back activities.  Told you it was busy!  Jeremy and I volunteered to work a bit at the kid’s school carnival.  Jeremy and Joshua manned the game in Joshua’s classroom while Miss Emma and I worked the Eyeball Bounce in hers.  Actually if you ask her, she worked it and I helped.  {Smile.}  That’s pretty much right.  She took the tickets, handed out the balls, and gathered them back up.  I could have left had she not been 6!

fire truck

Joshua got to go inside the fire truck.  The fireman told him all about the different things inside.  He explained that the ladder could go as high as 6 stories!  Normally that would impress a young lad, but my thinker asked, “Why do you need that in (insert town name here)?”  All the fireman could do was say, “Good question.”

painting a pumpkin

As soon as the school carnival was over, we dashed over to our friend‘s festival, a fundraiser to raise money to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia.  More fun with pumpkin decorating and face (and hand) painting!

black pumpkin

The kids are out of school today so I’m off to organize a joint house cleaning effort!  Maybe I’ll add a little creative pizazz to it to spice it up!

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