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Christmas This And That

Wow!  It’s only a few days now until Christmas!  I always feel the anticipation as the day draws near! 

wrapped gifts

This year I kept reading about the Green Grocery Bag Challenge, encouraging people to use reusable packaging rather than the traditional paper wrapping.  I have to say that I was quite intrigued, but decided I would have to tuck that away for another year.  No need to get stressed out over packaging!  However, as things settled down a bit (hand knits completed, all knitting orders filled), I started exploring cloth wrapping for those odd shaped gifts.  Felt was the way to go for a quick job and it happened to be scraps from past projects!  Starting slow is always good for me, but I’m looking forward to sewing more reusable packaging in the years to come!

sugar cookies
decorating cookies

The kids had a blast decorating sugar cookies the other night!  At one point I heard Emma G say, “With teamwork and love, we got that cookie done!”  Music to my ears and a perfect ending to an already fabulous day!  (Side note…when your oven is on broil instead of bake, your cookies turn out very brown on top and slightly doughy on bottom…smile…)

elf hat

My Christmas hand knits are (almost) complete, but of course browsing new knitting books is slightly dangerous.  That Pointy Elf Hat is seriously calling my name!  Less than 2 hour project?  Hmm…

Seriously though, it’s home stretch time and not time to be adding more things to the list, but I do want to point out my Creative Christmas posts I’ve been doing over at Today’s Mama.  You can always tuck away ideas on Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers, Gifting, Food Gifting, and Packaging for next year! 

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