Re-Purposing A Cardboard Tray

cardboard tray finished tray

We always have a case of bottled water at our house.  It almost always comes with a cardboard tray.  Although I always put the tray in the recycle bin, I kept thinking there was a craft project coming on.  I was right!  Miss Emma loves to play hostess and frequently serves everyone coffee (or tea) with cupcakes, fruit, or whatever food she picks.  I connected the dots and made her a serving tray!  The idea was to only use items I had on hand.  This is how I re-purposed a boring tray into a serving piece!


cardboard tray
mod podge
paint brush
newspaper funnies (or pretty scrapbook paper)


1.  Taking your cardboard tray, paint on a layer of mod podge.  You will want to paint some on, then apply the paper, then paint, then paper, until the whole tray is covered.

applying mod podge

2.  After your tray is covered with the paper, apply a coat of mod podge over the paper.  I used gloss mod podge which leaves a nice shiny finish.

almost finished

3.  After your tray is dry, fill it with tea, coffee, and food to serve!

hostess tray
tea anyone?
side of tray
I am so glad that Miss Emma deems it suitable for serving!  And just a reminder to enter the giveaway!  It ends on Friday!

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