See You Next Year!

This year has been marked as one of rest.  It’s definitely been a unique time that I’ve treasured as it’s been a privilege to take this sabbatical opportunity.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and realized that sometimes simple resting actually takes great discipline.

heart leaf

I feel the need to exercise some discipline in ending out this year.  I also feel it is a very appropriate action to end the year by taking some time off.  I used to not give myself permission to take time off from this blog, but part of the process of resting has been realizing that I don’t have to put these crazy expectations on myself.

I absolutely love blogging, and I love reading other blogs, but I’ve realized that de-plugging is not only healthy but necessary for me.  It allows space for more important things to come to the surface.


So…I will be away from this space (and blog reading and email in general) until January 2nd.  I look forward to coming back refreshed and inspired!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!  Praying you also find rest in the midst of the season along with the joys of family time together!

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