2010 in review

As a new year begins, I always like to do a little look back to be reminded of the significant things that happened.  Normally, my year is full of ministry adventures and travels.  Exciting stuff!  This year, as you know, has been totally different.  Because it’s been a year of setting aside our doing for our being, I’ve found myself wanting to look and see what we actually did this year.  As I take a look, I’m reminded of the sorrow of losing a friend, the fun trips we were able to take, the rich family times together, and the nuggets of growth that will change how we live our lives.  Maybe we haven’t done a lot in the traditional sense, but what a significant year it has been!  As I’ve browsed my 332 posts of 2010, I see these as significant points along the journey.

January 14  ~ We lost a great friend to cancer.  Love you, Karen!

training staff

January 22 ~ I first wrote about my photography class that I took.  This was so significant for me as I learned so much.  It really helped me reach a new level in my photography.  So glad I took that plunge!  (Class notes…Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance; Composition; Advanced Composition and Basic People Lighting; Using Flash (by the way, I got an off camera flash for Christmas that I’m still learning the ins and outs of!); Color Calibration and Printing; and Tripods, Monopods, and Understanding Lenses.)

taking a photo

February 4 ~ Started my 6 (or so) months of home schooling.  Joshua actually recently said to me that he would love to travel around the world while I home schooled him. 🙂

home schooling

February 16 ~ We moved into our place!  After I wrote about longing for a home, this was such a significant day for me!

front door

March 12 ~ I witnessed the beautiful gift of life when I attended the birth of Ty Matthew!  Thanks again, Christine, for allowing me to be there!  

baby feet

April 3 ~ We celebrated Joshua’s 8th birthday with a lego scavenger hunt!

birthday candle

April 12 ~ Our 3rd niece, Charlotte Ann, was born in S. Africa.  We’re still looking forward to meeting her!

baby charlotte

May 26 ~ I began writing for Today’s Mama!


June 2 ~ Jeremy and I had an 8 day getaway to Canada where we visited friends in Ottawa, took a stroll through the market, biked the Thousand Islands Parkway, ate a cafe that served Obama Cookies, and took a Gananoque Boat Tour!
biking the thousand islands

July 4 ~ We actually spent the 4th of July in the states.  We always celebrate it but usually on the other side of the world!

fireworks 2

July 19 ~ Definitely the highlight of our year as we road tripped it to the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego, and New Mexico!

family photo at disneyland

August 21 ~ I celebrated my 33rd birthday among friends, eating an awesome cheesecake that my husband made!

my 33rd birthday

August 23 ~ The kids went to their first day of school in the states.  They are still loving it!

first day of school

September 11 ~ Jeremy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.

me and hubby

September 29 ~ We celebrated Miss Emma’s and Jeremy’s birthdays.

birthday duo
September 30 ~ I took a personal retreat where God spoke some significant things like stilling my restless self, expectations, and dreaming.

October 1 ~ One of my photos from our Canada trip was featured in the Ottawa Schmap Guide.

rideau canal

October 21 ~ I opened up Believe Love Create on Etsy!

BelieveLoveCreate Header

November 6 ~ Joshua joined Cub Scouts.

my cub scout

November 10 ~ Marked a year that we had been back in the states and the longest stretch that we haven’t been out of the U.S.


November 20 ~ Emma G participated in her first art contest.  She’s got another one coming up!

eg's art

December 1 ~ I celebrated my 1000th post with a giveaway!

Believe Calendar

December 14 ~ Joshua started playing basketball!


Maybe it hasn’t been a year of feeding orphans and going on safaris in Africa. Instead the richness has come from family times together, spending time with friends we don’t get to see often from living halfway across the world, and allowing God to speak to the deepest parts of our hearts.  It’s been a year like no other.  Thanks for being a part of the journey with me.  I look forward to what 2011 brings!

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