christmas handmades :: knucks and hair accessories

Oh, those beautiful knucks have come off my needles so many times in the past few months, so of course, they had to make their way into some Christmas gifting.  I knit my first pair of knucks as a Father’s Day gift for Jeremy in 2009.  Joshua has eyed them ever since, kindly expressing his interest in having his own pair.  Much like my mom’s scarf, they just hadn’t been made…until Christmas. 

cool kid!

The positive thing about waiting so long to gift something someone really, really wants is that the excitement over actually receiving them jumps to higher levels.  That excitement carried over into our little photo shoot.  I give you the batman pose, the “I’m cool” pose, and the “I ride my bike with them” pose (shown above).  There were more poses, but these were my favs.

batman knucks
showing off knucks

My dad also received a pair of knucks for Christmas.  I thought they would be perfect for his job of selling Matco tools.  Keeps your hands warm but leaves your fingers free!  Joshua’s were knit in a charcoal gray and my dad’s in black, both with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK.  Although I still don’t have any for sale in my shop (a black kid’s pair is coming soon, though) they are still available for made to order!  Just shoot me an email if you’re interested.

dad's knucks

Last, but certainly not least, on the knitting gifting was a little hair clip for Emma G.  I think this clip was a freebie I got several months ago, but I knew it was no match for Miss Emma’s style without adding a little pizazz to it!  So, I knit 3 Flowers In Bloom and hot glued them to the clip.  She loves it and wears it often!

3 flowers
flower hair clip

That concludes my knitting Christmas hand mades.  My crazy mind is already reeling with ideas for next year!  Have a great weekend!

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