derbies and paintings…all in a saturday’s work!

This weekend buzzed by rather quickly.  Between a basketball game, derby car races, painting, knitting, and sewing, it’s no wonder it went so fast!  The sweet spot in the middle of all of it was that every single person in this household got to exercise some sort of creative expression!  So fun!

working on the derby
jman and his derby
get ready
best use of flames

Joshua had his derby car races on Saturday.  I’m not a last minute kind of person, but my sweet husband tends to roll that way.  I was a wee bit nervous as I saw what still needed to be done the night before the races, but somehow the boys pulled it together and created a red hot rod recognized for “the best use of flames!”

painting together
eg's painting

We also ended the weekend with two new masterpieces to hang in our house.  Emma G is our little artiste.  I love nurturing that talent in her, but sometimes I forget.  I was so glad that Jeremy quickly got out the paints and some canvas for her when she expressed that she wanted to paint.  It was so cute seeing the two of them working together on their paintings.  Sunday, behind closed doors, Emma G cleaned her room and hung it on her wall.  She was so proud of her work.  And I absolutely love her painting!

sing you a song
jeremy’s painting

My weekend creativity involved knitting needles, yarn, and a sewing machine, but I can’t show you just yet!  Soon…very, very soon…

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