the hair dryer

I’m thinking I should have dedicated this whole week to modern conveniences (first the phone and now…) but actually this post is not about me receiving a new hair dryer (which I did not).  It’s about a whole lot more.


I can’t remember if I’ve ranted here before about how much I dislike the morning routine.  I peel myself out of bed somewhere between the times of 6:00 to 6:25.  By 6:30 I have the lovely task of getting my kids out of bed.  The alarm clock worked well for a while, but snoozing was quickly figured out and now my (gentle) prodding is needed to actually emerge from the warmth of bed. With a 7:30 bedtime, I guess I expect 11 hours of sleep to be enough to jump out excitedly, ready for a new day.  It is not.

Unfortunately, the morning routine frequently brings out my not-so-fine mama moments.  It is not uncommon, in my desperation, for me to call in the back-up to rescue me (or maybe it’s the kids) from the situation at hand. 

hair blowing

So how does a hair dryer relate to this story?  Well, I am very much a task oriented person.  I see my job in the morning as getting my kids to school on time.  What I often fail to see is their needs.  I think we don’t have time for anything extra.  It’s eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, put shoes on.  Task, task, task.  Miss Emma rebels most against this, causing me to try, with great strength, to suppress my frustration.

This past week Jeremy tried the hair dryer, and it worked wonders.  I see the hair dyer as just something to dry my hair after a shower, but did you know it’s a great tool for warming cold skin and clothes before putting them on?  Oh, yes.  It works wonders.

in the face 

Yesterday morning Jeremy was unavailable to tend to Emma G’s hair dryer needs, so I thought I would give it a shot.  And you know what?  It worked.  And we connected while I got her ready.  And she still got to school on time even though we did an “extra.”

After I walk the kids to school, I often come home and spend some time with God.  It usually starts with either, “Thank you for helping me have patience this morning,” or a plea, “God, please increase my patience!”  I can’t despise life’s everyday activities, because I realize He is using the everyday to answer my prayers and bring me closer to Him…

By the way, these photos depict a fun, after school photo shoot NOT what I’ve described above. 🙂

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