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The title of this post is inspired by one of my favorite episodes from Flight of the Conchords.  If you’ve never watched them before, then I highly recommend finding some YouTube videos or checking out their TV series.  Brett and Jemaine are a hilarious comedy, music duo from Australia New Zealand.  Somewhere in the beginning of Season 1, Bret gives Jemaine a camera phone which consists of a camera and a phone duct taped together.  As I think of my new (to me) camera phone, I laugh and remember THAT camera phone.

the eyes

Here’s how I came upon my new camera phone…

Remember how I said we had a great time on our recent hotel stay?  Well, we most certainly did!  What I didn’t say was how Jeremy jumped into the pool with my phone in his pocket.  It wasn’t discovered until we were both relaxing in the hot tub.  His eyes went wide and he said, “Uh oh,” as he pulled it out of his pocket.  Now I’m not someone who becomes attached to my phone.  For me, it is simply a modern convenience that proves very useful, not something I use to chit chat on frequently (I prefer face to face).  However, everyone needs a phone, right?

tired jman

With my phone (temporarily) out of commission, we decided I would start using the iPhone my father-in-law gave us which means I have joined the ranks of every other Price family member (except maybe my sister-in-law).

I’m someone who likes loves to take photos.  I take a lot of photos, so it’s not a surprise that my favorite app so far is Hipstamatic.  I love how it looks like an old film camera.  I love how it makes the sound that indicates the flash is warming up.  I love the effects it gives my photos.  And I love how it invokes conversation with my kids about how we used to use film cameras.


The old phone is working now, but there’s no going back.  Did I say I’m not someone who becomes attached to her phone?  That must have been someone else, because I’m quickly becoming attached to my new camera phone…

All photos taken using the Hipstamatic app.

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