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joy of love roundup of hobbies, dreams, eyes, & more!

This is a Joy of Love roundup but first let me tell you about my exciting Friday last week!  First I found out I won a $150 Visa gift card!  That will go toward some of the camera gear I need for my India trip.  Within 10 minutes of hearing that news, I found out that my Continuing Education financial aid was finally approved!  Currently I am signed up for an Advanced Photography class (starting tonight!) and a class on Learning To See Creatively.  There’s a few others I’m interested in…Photojournalism in particular but these two are a good start.  I’m so excited to continue learning about something I love.  Without further ado, my current Joy of Love roundup.

passions & hobbies : my lego building boy
passion & hobby : creating with legos
passion & hobby : legos

space where they are comfortable : the man cave, where no woman wants to can be
spaces : the man cave
spaces : the man cave
dreams : travel the world telling stories through photos
dream : travel the world & tell stories through photography

the eyes : joshua & emma g
eyes : joshua
eyes : emma g
routines : bedtime reading

routines : bedtime reading

wedding band: emma g loves to try on my rings!

wedding rings

wedding ring : trying it on

wedding ring : on my daughter

In other photography related news, there’s still time to enter the camera giveaway from Today’s Mama AND they are now offering an iMac giveaway!  What a pair…a new camera to take photos and a great computer to edit them on!

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