the art of mehndi

While in India, I was so excited that we were able to have mehndi done on our arms!  We got such beautiful designs on our arms and supported a local artist.  Yea!!

applying henna

Mehndi is typically done for special occasions like weddings.  Artists apply a paste called henna which is made from grinding leaves and adding oil.  The artist that applied our henna gave us some paste he had made.  He told us he had added coffee and eucalyptus oil to his. 

my henna

I couldn’t believe that it only took him about 15 minutes to do such an intricate design.  His art stopped other locals, too, as they commented on it and all gave their two cents worth of how to take care of it. After the henna dries, leave it on as long as you can.  Apply lemon juice and sugar to make it darker.  Don’t use soap on your arm.  And our own addition…putting lotion on it everyday. 

Sadly, my beautiful mehndi tattoo is gone.  Guess I’ll have to go back to India for another one.  That, or attempt my own version with the henna cones I brought home.  Emma G is pretty excited to try her own designs!

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