salmon for dinner


Right now I am trying to make fish once a week for dinner.  I’ve implemented this off and on throughout my dinner making career, and right now it’s in effect.  I love salmon and wish that my kids loved it as much.  They don’t but I’m hoping that will change with time.  The mac and cheese was made to provide them with something they would like.  Emma G was so excited to hear mac and cheese was on the menu but disappointed it wasn’t mommy’s homemade!  Annie’s mac is awesome but apparently doesn’t compare to mommy’s.  One point for the home team!

My favorite way to make salmon is by drizzling with melted butter or olive oil followed my lemon and a sprinkling of dill.  I didn’t have dill the other night, so I used a seasoning blend and Jeremy grilled it for about 20 minutes.  So yum!  What are your favorite fish recipes?  I can’t wait to try out a fish taco recipe next!

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