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The feature of this blog in Artful Blogging has caused much excitement around here.  Once I got a copy in my hands, Miss Emma and myself sat on my bed and looked through the beautiful pages featuring so many talented bloggers.  I read her my article, to which she gave a clapping ovation.  Such a sweet, sweet girl!  The kids have been delighted to see their faces in a real live magazine.  I was pleased that their faces were somewhat concealed, but apparently my girlie would have liked it otherwise.  The other day she told me, “I want to be in a magazine someday.”  I said, “You are in a magazine.”  “No, where you can see my face and everything.”  With this girl’s style, there’s no doubt in my mind that she will be a fashion designer someday, maybe even landing a spot in a magazine. 🙂

cool girl

With the magazine fever in full force, hopes and dreams pop up everywhere.  I overheard a conversation last weekend that put a smile on my face.  As the kids played with legos, they discussed that they could possibly get in a magazine if they built something really cool (I believe they were referring to the Lego magazine).  I love their dreaming and I will never squash that!  Isn’t it such a lesson to us, as adults, to not let fear and insecurity overpower our dreams?  With the world at our fingertips, why not dream and create with God!

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