muhrs day

If you’re wondering whether I failed spelling or not, check this post!  I know Mother’s Day was almost a week ago, but with all the giveaway fun, I haven’t posted about how my family spoiled me rotten!  Joshua’s reading homework last week just happened to be about two kids who decided to bring their mom breakfast in bed.  It got Joshua’s brain thinking and a plan was concocted.  (Thanks, teachers!)  My sweet family brought me a breakfast feast on my new serving tray

With 2 of my sweeties on mother's day!

We had a full day of just being together and it was perfect.  We shared half price frappuccinos and went to see African Cats (I really wanted to see it).  We were together all day and it was just lovely!

sharing a frapp

I hope all of you mothers also had a fantastic Mother’s Day!  On another note, you probably noticed that blogger had issues Thursday and Friday that sent everyone into an uproar.  I re-published my serving tray post that had disappeared.  The comments disappeared in the midst of that, but thankfully, I had my post still pulled up on my computer and was able to re-post all the comments in the same order so that random number generator is not affected.  Now that commenting is working, enter the two open giveaways if you haven’t already…Surge On Smith and $20 DaySpring gift certificate.

Happy Saturday!

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