Family Fun

getting wet at hawaiian falls

Last week we went to Hawaiian Falls.  It was work and all you know.  Receiving complimentary tickets in exchange for my review is hard work.  However, I suffered through it so we could all splash around a little bit. {Smile.}

maui mom's craft time

We went on a Tuesday which was just perfect, because it wasn’t too busy, and we got to experience the Maui Mom’s Club!  It’s a weekly Tuesday event where they have free crafts for the kids to enjoy.  Miss Emma G and her friends enjoyed painting their little snakes!

in the lazy river
down the blue slide

Several of our friends came out and enjoyed the day with us which made it even more fun…I mean I was actually working really, really hard.  I had to test out the lounge chairs, the lazy river, the wave pool, and a slide, so that I could write my very honest review.


My only complaint was that I literally got stuck about halfway down the Pineapple Express which caused laughter eruptions.  Such eruptions interfere with a girl’s work.  With that distraction aside, I tried desperately to focus on shooting friends going down the half pipe and the girls under the pink mushroom so that I would have photos for my review.

coming off the pineapple express

Yes, it was a lot of fun hard work, but somebody’s got to do it.  You can read my honest review, the fruits of my hard work over at Today’s Mama.

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